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  • Jose Vazquez Software Developer

    Jose Vazquez

    Software Developer


    Jose is a Software Developer on the BLITZ Tech team. He started as a contractor for BLITZ but was soon brought on board full time based on his rock star skills, knowledge, and experience. He graduated in 2005 from DeVry University with a B.S. in Computer Information Systems and has been professionally coding ever since. Jose primarily codes in PHP, using VIM, but is willing to help out anywhere he is needed, including other languages. His greatest contributions to BLITZ include coding/launching the Saints Row 3 and FXM websites.


    Jose was born in Mexico but raised in Los Angeles since the age of 2. He is the oldest of his family and the first one to have graduated high school and college. Always staying humble and remembering where he came from, Jose loves helping those in need; whether it’s donating blood, donating to Toys for Tots or even participating in 5K runs for the Make a Wish foundation. Being a huge metal head and old school gamer, he prefers the all mighty Heavy Metal along with the 8/16 bit video game.

  • Josh Esguia Sr. Creative Director

    Josh Esguia

    Sr. Creative Director


    As a general rule, Josh agrees that “no pleasure endures unseasoned by variety,” and in keeping with this principle began his creative career like most others in graphic design with a double engineering degree. Over the years he’s come to believe that creativity and technical ingenuity are both critical components of a successful modern agency, and he’s been lucky enough to find people who excel at both. Professionally, he’s enjoyed working with a wide range of clients and influencing project development from conception to completion. His daily activities are as eclectic as the brands he works with, ranging from hands-on and conceptual to managerial.


    Born and raised on the mean streets of Long Island, Josh Esguia spent most of his youth fishing in Manhasset Bay, stomping around outside like a dirty hippie, and learning to throw knives with fair precision (though not all at the same time). He’s relatively tall for his family (a genetic soup of Filipino, Turkish and Spanish) and was raised by parents who are far more interesting and prolific than he. When not busy reading whatever he can get his hands on or watching horror movies with his zombie-crazed wife, Josh enjoys playing the cello, eating strange and exotic foods, and visiting amoeba to feed his wildly-varied musical habit. The past 12 years in California have made him soft, weather-wise, and he makes it a point to wear shorts every Christmas to celebrate.

  • Kaitlin Gasenica Strategist, Insights Manager

    Kaitlin Gasenica

    Strategist, Insights Manager


    Kaitlin Gasenica is a member of the social media strategy team at BLITZ. She graduated from UCLA with honors and holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Economics and Classical Civilizations. As a recent college grad, she brings organization, wit and a long list of synonyms to the team. Specializing in research and community management, Kaitlin helps develop, implement and manage social media platforms for clients from strategic development to program execution. Before BLITZ, she worked her way through college saving every penny from her multiple jobs for tuition and shoes.


    Kaitlin was born in middle-of-no-where Idaho and grew up in the outdoors enjoying four different seasons of activities and an endless supply of potatoes.   After 18 years of small town simplicity, cold winters and starch overloads, Kaitlin moved to L.A. ready to devote her weekends to the beach and meet new people who hadn’t been in her kindergarten class. Although soccer has always been her athletic activity of choice she can be found shredding on her snowboard, camping with friends and running on the beach. A Bruin to the core, Kaitlin still regularly attends UCLA sporting events and when not chanting the eight-clap, she’s known for indulging in a giant bag of cotton candy. Despite her small stature, Kaitlin lives life by the motto “Go Big or Go Home” and never settles for less than the best.

  • Kate Goldsmith Art Director

    Kate Goldsmith

    Art Director


    When Kate was young she created a book full of inventions, advertisements that she drew, full of made up products like clear toasters and closet organizers. Despite not all of the inventions being a hit (the water whoopee cushion didn’t do so well in testing) it was the beginning of what became her continued passion. As Art Director of the Communications team, Kate leads a group of talented creatives to produce killer work that is social, and on brand. She has over 8 years experience working on high profile clients such as Pepperidge Farm, Coca Cola, P&G, and Ford and has a vast understanding of digital, print, video, experiential and social.


    An original east coaster, Kate is new to California and resides in Santa Monica. She enjoys the warm weather, and particularly avoiding hurricanes and blizzards. She has found the west coast to provide a variety of new activities such as hiking and paddle boarding.  During her free time she likes nothing better than traveling somewhere new, experiencing great food and company.

  • Jonathan Nafarrete Director of Social Outreach

    Jonathan Nafarrete

    Director of Social Outreach


    As the Director of Social Outreach at BLITZ, Jonathan leads a team in ongoing social outreach and digital PR programs. Before joining BLITZ, he previously co-founded ActiveMatter, a social media agency focused on outreach. As one of the original recipients in the Ford Fiesta Movement campaign, Jonathan has proven his ability to create not only relevant content in the online social media space, but also deep and lasting connections with influential voices online, being one himself. He has spoken on a number of panels about digital influence and social outreach and has even been seen on a Hulu web series about the mobilization of social communities called The Tastemaker.


    Jonathan is a lifetime Southern California resident who is most well known for his photography. In addition to his photojournalistic approach to photography, he has spent the past year honing the craft of iphonography and has garnered quite a following on mobile communities. Many of his photos have been seen in publications such as The Guardian, LA Times, and LA Weekly.

  • John Shi Search Analyst

    John Shi

    Search Analyst


    John Shi is an enthusiast when it comes to all digital disciplines, and he’s especially savvy about search and media. After graduating from UCLA with a B.A. in Economics, he spent a few years in the social media and public relations arena at bigMETHOD. Currently, John resides as Search Analyst at Blitz. He’s equipped with a passion for providing both paid and organic solutions and ensuring clients successfully promote their brand and content in the digital space in the most effective ways.


    No stranger to new environments, John was raised in China but grew up mostly in Texas. While he appreciated the scorching temperatures and barren landscapes of the longhorn state, John knew he could eventually adjust to the wonderful climate and bustling nature of Los Angeles. He enjoys all things serene and scenic, including kayaking, visiting national parks and reserves with his friends. John also has an obsession with learning new things and often stays up late reading Economics blogs and Search articles.

  • Jessica Garrido Associate Creative Director

    Jessica Garrido

    Associate Creative Director


    As a little girl, odd ways to spend her childhood times pointed out a lot of who she is now. Like on Bank of America outings with her father, Jessica Garrido use to take home every bank slip and form she could grab, to only come home and redraw each layout line by line, AND even make improvements to the forms.  It was probably then when she realized she had a passion for this wonderful and magical discipline called design!  She then followed her passion to the California State University of Long Beach Art Department where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Visual Communication.  For almost 10 years now Jessica has immersed herself in great creative outlets, ad agencies, and a broad spectrum of brands. She's had the privilege of working on such brands as Infiniti, Nissan, Nickelodeon, DreamWorks, Ubisoft, and Bethesda.  Her strong suites are concepting, art direction, designing, and making sure the project, from beginning to end, is the best that it could be.  She believes that a strong concept is the foundation of great design, and a great experience.  With that said, Jessica brings that passion and skill set to the talented team of BLITZ.


    Jessica was born in Los Angeles California to a fun loving, comical, spontaneous, sometimes bizarre, but always laughing family, with her identical twin sister, and one older sister. Outside of BLITZ she loves, hiking with her dog Lola (love of her life), dining at great restaurants, hanging with her friends and family, watching movies, baking, art stuff, and most of all traveling anywhere and everywhere she could afford.

  • Adam Venturella Director of Technology: Research, Process & Development

    Adam Venturella

    Director of Technology: Research, Process & Development


    Adam has been actively participating in the interactive/development community for the past 12 years. In that time a lot has changed, and continues to change. This progress forward has given Adam an appreciation for technology pillars of the past while continually looking to the pillars of the future. “It’s the right combination of both old and new that can really make things interesting.”

    Additionally, Adam’s education in the arts, specifically photography and filmmaking, informs his view that while the syntax a developer chooses is important, “most developers can all rattle off a laundry list of languages, big deal, it is syntax”, the central idea and engineering are what drive creativity in development.


    St.Louis boy makes good in SoCal!  Adam spends his days in Los Angeles, Santa Monica specifically, with his dog Lucy, cat Ollie, and his wife Danica, who is also an LA Derby Doll (girl banked track roller derby FTW!)

    He enjoys outdoor activities, specifically running, hiking, biking and training for adventure runs with other members of the BLITZ tech department, “If you haven’t experienced 40 degree water, you haven’t lived or been really, really, really cold.”   Oh and one more thing - he also loves interesting beer, the hoppier the better, in addition to occasionally brewing his own.

  • John Liu Director of Search & Analytics

    John Liu

    Director of Search & Analytics


    John Liu leads Search at BLITZ, helping to ensure that users discover the brand experiences we create.  An experienced SEO and Paid Search analyst, John has designed and implemented successful campaigns for Fortune 500 companies across multiple verticals, from EMC (Tech B2B) to Harley-Davidson (Automotive).  His online marketing philosophy is rooted in driving real, measurable success for campaigns with any objective - brand awareness, targeted site traffic, leads, or sales. An experienced trainer, John has a passion for sharing his understanding of search and online marketing, helping to bring a better experience to the web for users and websites alike.


    John has been ahead of the curve since the day he arrived in the USA at 4 years old. After graduating college with a degree in Molecular Biology at 15, he realized that he was more interested in understanding how the internet was changing the world we lived in than how DNA dictated the way bovine kidney cells replicated.  When not engrossed in online, John is obsessed with baseball (Go Red Sox!) and is always looking for a new craft beer to try.  A transplant from New England, he's amazed by the weather in Southern California and can often be found enjoying the Santa Monica beach.

  • Kevin Wright Associate Director, Social

    Kevin Wright

    Associate Director, Social


    After receiving his bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the University of San Diego, Kevin returned North to land at bigMETHOD, a social media agency that joined BLITZ in 2011. At BLITZ, Kevin works in client services as an account manager with a focus on social communication programs. Working closely with his clients to ensure brand strategy is executed, Kevin takes his  “if you don’t touch or use it, get rid of it” mentality and runs an organized approach in implementing marketing programs centered on digital and social media.


    A true believer that “the summer is not a season, but a lifestyle,” Kevin finds pleasure in all things active. Raised in El Segundo, a small suburb of Los Angeles, he keeps his competitive edge through the sport of triathlon (swim + bike + run) or a slew of other activities such as surfing, volleyball or waterskiing.  With an uncanny inability to dance or even clap to the beat of a song, Kevin finds enjoyment in cooking and is always on the hunt for a good street taco or fresh ceviche. Staying true to his beach-side roots, he often compares life to fishing, doesn't mind sand in his sheets, and strives to one day sail the seas with no final destination in sight.

  • Matt Zeiger Account Director

    Matt Zeiger

    Account Director


    Matt has filled a multitude of roles over his marketing career, from software engineer, production director, and VP of his own agency – he’s always done whatever it takes to deliver for clients. As Account Director, Matt's knowledge of the advertising process and digital arena serves to strengthen not only our work, but also our client relations. He recently spent the last few years managing campaigns for Red Bull, becoming adept at strategically handling a global brand, while challenging the status-quo of marketing. ForBLITZ, he’s focused on bringing solid brand strategy and client communication to FX, driving our teams to continually exceed expectations.


    Matt was born and raised a Texan, and while he doesn’t have an accent, you’ll still catch the occasional “y’all”. He grew up a nerd, building his first website at 15 – so its no mystery he went on to major in Software Engineering. During college, he started a digital agency with a friend and ran it for 7 years before moving to New York to work on national campaigns for Sprint and Häagen-Dazs. In 2009, he moved to Los Angeles, mostly for the weather, and more recently he’s joined BLITZ as Account Director for FX. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his wife, daughter and twin boys. He loves hiking and rock climbing, but sucks at surfing.

  • Tessa Paneri Brand Communications Manager

    Tessa Paneri

    Brand Communications Manager


    Tessa Paneri likes to think she stumbled upon social media in the classic boy-meets-girl scenario. But, in this case it was girl meets stellar brands, exciting people, and a knack for seeing beyond the hashtag. As a brand communications manager, she develops social media strategies and guides clients through the ever-changing digital universe. In 2012, Tessa graduated from Cal Poly, SLO with a BS in Graphic Communication. With a passion for design, Tessa knew she could put her creative mind to use in a different digital space - and so began her journey at BLITZ. After graduation Tessa booked it down to LA where she interned in Communications - the rest is history.


    A SoCal native turned Texas transplant, Tessa spent her formative years alongside crazed football fans with an appreciation for air conditioning. Eventually, she made it back to her roots where she was able to immerse her adventurous spirit in the activities of the west.  While you can often find Tessa sipping a strong cup of coffee, hiking/boarding with friends, or satisfying her wanderlust, her real passion is music. Described in the office as an old soul, she finds inspiration from Bob Dylan and knows more about what was playing on the radio in 1975 than 2013. If ever lost, you’ll most likely find her at The Echo or dancing with strangers at a music festival.

  • Thanh Gip Art Director

    Thanh Gip

    Art Director


    At BLITZ, Thanh (also known as Tom, Thong, Thang, Than, Hee, or Jacob) gets down and dirty with the production.  Being the CCO (Chief Creative Optimizer) he hunts down those 300 dpi images buried inside a smart object, which is embedded inside another smart object, which again is hiding inside another smart object. You can say that Jacob's day to day consist of helping out anyone in need.


    Thanh was born on a frigid December morning in a state that constructed a skyway system which made it possible to live, eat, work, and shop without ever going outside. Suffering through a childhood without cable television, he was forced to make his own fun, and quickly turned to sports. When he stopped growing and all the other kids didn't, he immediately got into the arts.

    With an ambition to break the stereotype of Asians being bad drivers he decided to move to the City of Angels, but instantly found it's true, and instead developed a serious case of road rage. He can be best described as a left-handed, night owl, futbol playing, and art loving type of guy.

  • Vince Hannah Brand Communications Manager

    Vince Hannah

    Brand Communications Manager


    Having graduated from UCLA with a B.A. in History, Vince Hannah, an Orange County native, was not one to follow conventions. He deviated from the popular choices of becoming a teacher or going to law school in order to continue his work as a graphic designer, a role he took on at the beginning in high school. While his love for design remains strong, Vince wanted a better way to use his broad knowledge from spending countless hours on the Internet and his creative approach to solutions as a graphic designer. He joined BLITZ in 2011 where he works as a brand communications manager helping to connect brands directly to consumers.


    Fortunate to have been raised by an amazing family where bad jokes, sharp wit and sarcasm are hereditary, his childhood was characterized by a wild imagination. He’s been lucky enough to still possess it. These days Vince is on his never-ending quest to find the perfect taco in Los Angeles. He’s an avid fan of all things sports, any and all types of music, some classic home cooking and above all else, good times with good people.

  • Sophie Waldvogel Manager, Delivery Solutions

    Sophie Waldvogel

    Manager, Delivery Solutions


    When it comes to work, Sophie is an organized perfectionist, which proves very helpful as the Communications Project Coordinator. Sophie graduated with a journalism degree from the University of Minnesota, where she worked for the Minneapolis CBS news affiliate and a sustainable energy software company. Post graduation, she continued her love for everything digital with a job for a cloud based SaaS solution. In 2012, Sophie traded in the snow for sunshine, where she brings her quick wit and writing skills to the energetic Comm team.


    Hailing from Saint Paul, Minnesota, Sophie reps the Midwest hard. Don’t expect her Twins ball cap, and casual “eh?” to be going anywhere soon. Sophie grew up spending her summers on the beautiful lakes of northern Minnesota with her freakishly large eccentric family, and the other nine months indoors. Desperate for some dry heat and a bigger body of water, Sophie headed west and hasn’t looked back. Catching up for lost time; you can find her outside enjoying the perfect California climate. She loves being active with her favorite activities include hiking, running the beach, and sculpt yoga. A budding foodie who isn’t afraid to try anything once, Sophie is also a spicy food fanatic where nothing is too hot! Sophie continues her search for the best of the best and refuses to settle for less than the can’t eat, can’t sleep, over the fence, World Series kind of stuff.

  • Phil Kiczula Director, Business Development

    Phil Kiczula

    Director, Business Development


    As part of the business development team, Phil is responsible for offering support on a number of fronts including research, strategy, and content drafting. Phil started his marketing career in 2006 as a co-founder in a web start-up for education. Responsible for conceptualizing and executing marketing and PR, he gained an overwhelming respect and perspective for the science of brand development. In time, Phil adjusted his focus to integrating social media and other digital disciplines into the marketing equation. He's helped execute large-scale PR campaigns for Oreo, Sharpie, and Harley-Davidson at Weber Shandwick in Chicago and upon returning to Los Angeles, lead the social outreach department at bigMETHOD, now a part of BLITZ.


    He's a midwestern gentleman born in Chicago and raised in Red Wing, Minnesota. After graduating from the University of Minnesota, Phil relocated for the year-round, above-zero temperatures in Los Angeles. There he and his fiancé, Sara, enjoy exploring the world’s cuisine and routinely take stabs at recreating it in the kitchen.  Phil can find no better place to spend his free time than on a golf course. When stuck indoors he enjoys sports, both real and fantasy, and dabbles in home-improvement projects. In this brave new world, Phil holds onto "old school values." He believes that always being personable and dependable will breed success and enrich relationships – personal and business.

  • Miguel Echegaray Group Account Director

    Miguel Echegaray

    Group Account Director


    Miguel brings over fifteen years of client services, delivery and management experience to his current role as Group Account Director at BLITZ. A pioneer of the interactive technology industry, Miguel has led product development, marketing and advertising engagements for some of the world’s most respected brands, such as Disney, Dell, CNN, General Mills, JP Morgan, and Merrill Lynch. Prior to joining BLITZ, Miguel cut his teeth at digital agencies Possible Worldwide, Schematic and Rare Medium. Miguel’s goal has always been, and continues to be, to help clients create jaw-dropping experiences.


    Miguel was born and raised in Madrid, Spain and he still wonders why people won't let him take the afternoon off. He’s a husband and father to two teenagers who pick up technologies and apps with innate ease, but can’t seem to figure out how to make a bed. He's been playing the drums and guitar since age eleven. For those of you who are wondering, his last name is pronounced “etch-egg-awry”. Try it out. He dares you.

  • Mike Hayes Director of Technology

    Mike Hayes

    Director of Technology


    Mike’s professional passion is delivering software.  His role at BLITZ is to lead the technology efforts for the company's largest client.  Mike helps BLITZ employ effective processes throughout the software development lifecycle: from proper agile development to issue tracking; from launch planning to fire fighting. 

    After earning a degree in MIS from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo in 1999, Mike held leadership positions at Sony, Movielink, and Blockbuster where he helped pioneer the distribution of legal, digital video content, including movies and television.

    Mike strives to continue making an impact on the way people use software in their everyday lives.


    Mike was born in San Diego and still considers “America’s Finest City” his home.  He has two great little boys who fill his life with love and joy, happiness and smiles! Mike enjoys fishing and spending time with his family—and combining those two activities whenever possible.

    Mike admires Ron Burgundy and fancies himself, “a man who discovered the wheel and built the Eiffel Tower out of metal and brawn. That's what kind of man I am.” 

    Stay classy, and thanks for stopping by.

  • Natalie Duchaine Office Manager

    Natalie Duchaine

    Office Manager


    Natalie graduated with a Liberal Studies degree from Seattle University. After graduation, she traded in the familiar for something new and exciting, and picked up everything to move to sunny Santa Monica. After bouncing around temping and reception-ing at several companies, Natalie landed at Blitz as Director of First Impressions. Aside from being the glowing face that greets all clients, visitors, and Blitz fanatics that walk through the front door, Natalie is very much a jack-of-all-trades, helping out other Blitizens with projects, schedules, and overall administrative support.


    Growing up in Seattle, Washington Natalie is very familiar with (and surprisingly still a fan of!) cloudy, overcast, and rainy weather. However, after relocating to a more desirable climate, Natalie has become an avid bike rider, beach goer, dog-watcher (hoping to get her own soon), and Palisade Park walker. On weekends, you can find her out enjoying the sunshine… unless its football season. In which case both Saturday and Sunday are dedicated to watching her favorite teams - Michigan State, and the Seattle Seahawks! Not one to discriminate, Natalie is a fan of all kinds of food both the wonderfully gourmet and the sinfully junk-tastic.

  • Jasmine Pae Brand Communications Manager

    Jasmine Pae

    Brand Communications Manager


    Jasmine joined BLITZ in 2012 after being the perennial part-time intern while she completed her Business and Communication Design studies at USC. Eager to combine her interests, she joined the world of digital advertising to share in her appreciation of business, design, technology, and culture. Jasmine now works as a brand communications manager, guiding clients’ brand voice across their digital ecosystem.


    Born and raised in Los Angeles, Jasmine grew up eating Korean tacos at home long before the Kogi Truck came around. After winning a trip for two to London (she took her lovely mom) and traveling to 20 countries, she now suffers from wanderlust in addition to her frozen yogurt addiction. Curious by nature, Jasmine likes to Wikipedia almost everything and enjoys discovering music and LA's great eats. Invite her to any of the following and she'll say yes: hiking, a day at the beach, and a good dance party.

  • Jessica Kemp Art Director

    Jessica Kemp

    Art Director


    Jess Kemp started her career at 8 years old. While other girls played outside and reenacted American Girl, Jess opted to stay inside drawing Disney characters so she could sell them at school for necessary items like Fruit Roll-Ups. Years later, after graduating with a degree in art and design, Jess threw herself into the lion's den, becoming an Art director at 23 for brands ranging from Trovota and Diedrich Coffee to Jovovich-Hawk. After winning a Webby for her work as Art Director on a university website, Jess became hooked on the intersection of psychology and user experience in design. She’s been pursuing it ever since.


    On weekends, she stays east side and politely turns down her husband's requests to "Please just go on ONE bike ride with me, just ONE." Evidently, the desire to stay indoors and draw pretty pictures all day doesn't go away just because one now barters for a tad more than sugary fruit snacks.

  • Daniel Smith Director of Technology

    Daniel Smith

    Director of Technology


    Daniel Smith, a senior software developer at BLITZ, has been developing both front-end and back-end web applications since 2003. He started programming just out of high school developing websites for a church in Costa Mesa, CA. During his 7 years there, Daniel led projects that included the development of everything from websites to touchscreen kiosk systems. His pursuit of cutting edge web application development has led him to BLITZ where he hopes to mature his skills. While he primarily focuses on web based applications, he welcomes the opportunity to work on anything that may arise in the fast paced world of technology.


    Living in Orange County is a bit of a commute but Daniel believes it is the best of both worlds. He and his wife Amanda grew up in the area and decided to settle down there and stay close to family. Daniel spends most of his free time cooking, eating, gardening (don't knock it until you try it) and gaming. He also has an interest in DIY electronics projects, spending most of his expendable income on hacked out junk :)

  • Carly Walker Brand Communications Manager

    Carly Walker

    Brand Communications Manager


    Carly Walker is an obsessive blogger and social media addict that thinks in hashtags and Instagram filters. As a brand communications manager, she develops social media strategies and helps clients take advantage of online trends. In 2005, Carly went to college at BYU-Idaho to get a BS in Communications and a celebrity status as an entertainment reporter to Rexburg’s population of 50. Post graduation, Carly has worked as a creative manager in Salt Lake City producing a smorgasbord of web content for search engine optimization. Eventually, her lanky frame couldn’t hack the cold so we shipped her out to the sunny beaches of CA to continue her quest to become a social media guru.


    Carly is a wildcard that we picked up from the dairy farms of Draper Utah. As a result, she is an alien to LA and is continually surprised at what life in a “big city” has to offer. So far her favorite things are the beach and Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles. Carly gets all of her energy and body heat from the sun, so you can usually find her on a rooftop, beach, or cliff side soaking it all in. She loves road trips, trail mix, waterfalls, and hiking. But most of all she loves fun size candy bars and takes pride in the mountain of wrappers that decorate her desk. A sugar rush equals a brilliant idea so you can bet you’ll have some game-changing brainstorms coming your way.

  • Amy Call VP, Group Account Director

    Amy Call

    VP, Group Account Director


    Amy is our VP, Group Account Director and Strategy Director. Prior to joining BLITZ she was a strategic lead at 180 and held the title of Director, Brand Leadership at Chiat Day/Tequila. With a record of consistent, high-profile successes for the likes of Gatorade, Visa, Mitsubishi Motors, Boost Mobile and many more, Amy brings a wealth of strategic and branding insight to BLITZ. And, since our office is located in walking distance from Nekter (her favorite juice bar), she routinely brings us Acai Banana Berry Bowls, too. Sweet.


    Amy lives life by the numbers. She’s traveled to 128 countries, filled four passports, and sailed all of the seven seas. Literally. Like in an actual sailboat and everything. She’s climbed 16,990 feet of the 29,029 feet of Mt. Everest, summited all of the 19,341 feet of Mount Kilimanjaro and ran and cycled thousands of miles. Amy eventually settled down here in Los Angeles near sea level, with eight fish, two starfish, two dogs and one seemingly depressed tadpole who, for some reason flat out refuses to become a frog. Amy’s number one favorite thing in the whole world? Her son.

  • Dan Madden Designer

    Dan Madden



    From the moment he discovered online guitar tabs, Dan knew this internet thing was going to take off. So after majoring in graphic design he set out to make his mark in the online world. Upon graduating from the University of Notre Dame he worked in Chicago creating interactive campaigns for design boutiques and large agencies. In 2005, he headed to Los Angeles to pursue a pro beach volleyball career. While he struggled with the volleyball, he succeeded in creating an online business that leveraged funny viral videos and beach apparel to become an influential voice in the sport. Now with BLITZ, Dan works with brands like FX Networks and Disney to create websites, apps, and other digital experiences.


    Dan is known for his vertical leap, his love of Radiolab, and his refusal to omit serial commas. He spent his childhood in New Jersey singing Beatles harmonies and playing sports. These days he spends his spare time drawing letters on his chalkboard and walking around Hermosa Beach with his lovely lady Ivy.

  • Cory Evens Senior Art Director

    Cory Evens

    Senior Art Director


    During the early 90's, after studying graphic design and illustration at the Academy of Art in SF, Cory soon began innovating on the job as the digital world beckoned. Working with firms from Magnet Interactive to Schematic to Spinifex, Cory art directed projects such as the Schematic Touch Wall, e-commerce sites such as Target.com and, most recently, elaborate augmented reality experiences for the likes of Honda and Lexus for the International Auto Show. As Senior Art Director at BLITZ, Cory brings his innate passion to create vibrant, fresh and engaging design. Cory's contribution to Blitz could be akin to rock'n roll meets fast cars, executed elegantly — on anything digital.


    As a youngster, Cory’s interest in the world was sparked by artifacts found around the globe during his father's travels. As a young man he found artistic expression through spray painting large graffiti murals from Colorado to SF. After a youth spent in the states of Ok,Wy, and Co, Cory finally planted his roots in CA. A die hard night owl, after work you can find Cory either at a studio recording his own music, a friend’s house playing guitar and talking about bands, watching a music documentary, or training in Traditional Wing Chun. He balances his already full life by spending time with his wife and son which is his crowning achievement.

  • Jarrett Quon Designer

    Jarrett Quon



    Few people can say that their job is to draw all day.  At Blitz, Jarrett is a designer but is often called upon to illustrate new assets or quickly knock out storyboard ideas.  It's hard to believe that the high school classes that were considered to be the 'expendable' ones turn out to be the foundation of Jarrett's career.  Interests that were once hobbies in photography, traditional animation, painting and graphic novels are now useful tools in his creative toolbox at Blitz.


    Jarrett was born to a greaser dad and a cheerleader mom in San Diego and before you can say 'Grease Lightning!', he was wielding a pencil and folding cranes.  Creating has always been a big part of Jarrett's life.  At age eight, he taught himself to fold origami and can fold over 30 models by heart.  In high school, he learned photography and anatomy via Burne Hogarth in hopes of becoming a comic book artist.  At UCLA, he discovered design.  These days, when he's not designing for Blitz, Jarrett uses these skills to illustrate a graphic novel, participate in art shows and do film making with his friends.

  • Dino Petrone Senior Product and Process Architect

    Dino Petrone

    Senior Product and Process Architect


    Dino Petrone, a senior product and process architect at BLITZ, has been making cutting- edge Flash applications, AIR apps, crazy cool microsites and basically anything experimental with Flash since 2002. Able to escape from the proverbial box, Dino specializes in finding quick and efficient solutions to the most complex problems. At BLITZ, Dino has worked on Adobe Youth Voices featuring the Black Eyed Peas, Guitar Hero¹s Smash Hits site and the Zoobles experiential site. Prior to BLITZ, Dino led teams at Sapient and EatDrink to architect, develop and implement scalable Flash applications and microsites.


    He spends his free time enjoying the company of his beautiful wife, Ashley, and his three children, Gabriel, Gavin and new addition Quinn.

    Dino received a Bachelor’s degree in Finance Real Estate and Business Law from California State University, Long Beach, and a Bachelor’s degree in Theology from Calvary Chapel Bible College .

    Speaking at FITC @max the last couple years...kinda fun.

  • Elizabeth Smith Associate Director, Delivery Solutions

    Elizabeth Smith

    Associate Director, Delivery Solutions


    A Boston College graduate, Elizabeth has traversed a zig-zag career path in all things creative. After a single college course in IP law sparked her interest in the ever-changing music industry, she sought out a job in new media at Universal Music Group where she remained for four years in various departments. She later landed at The Creative Group where she did recruiting for creative professionals in the design and marketing fields. By 2010, Elizabeth found the perfect fit at bigMETHOD handling client services.  Today, she continues this role at BLITZ, as an account manager, where she adds her special knack for problem solving through good old-fashioned communication.


    A native Angeleno and youngest of six children, Elizabeth is an avid foodie and lusts over blogs of recipes that she has high hopes of cooking. She has an uncanny ability to quote movies. A skill that was fostered by her brothers and promised would later prove valuable as a great icebreaker to any awkward conversation.  A Manhattan Beach resident, Elizabeth’s style is described as "yacht-y." As she dreams of relaxing starboard, she embraces the active outdoor lifestyle beach living affords her.  If she can't earn a mention in Judge Smails’ next boat christening, you can find her cruising on her bike and cooking with friends as Sinatra blares in the background.

  • Aubrey Taylor Software Manager

    Aubrey Taylor

    Software Manager


    Aubrey found his career-zen developing software for the web. Despite a BFA in design and animation, he was unable to resist the call of the engineer; both his grandfathers and all his uncles are engineers, it must be genetic.

    His journey from lowly production-designer to BLITZ Senior Software Developer has been an exciting journey of learning, improvement, and development. These days Aubrey spends his work-day building super sweet UI (HTML/CSS) backed up by some so-fresh-and-so-clean JavaScript.


    Aubrey is from San Diego.  He loves hiking, biking, and snowboarding; is a card-carrying REI member; and loves to bike-commute to work, a 20 mile round. When he is not outside, you will probably find him catching up on development blogs, writing some Python, or working on a little side-project or two. The latest cool nugget is a Dungeons & Dragons style die roller that pulls its random numbers from the ANU (Australian National University) Quantum Number Generator in Python.

    Why is that cool? Well, “The random numbers are generated in real-time in [the] lab by measuring the quantum fluctuations of the vacuum.” That is why.

    He also has a super cute ‘hip’[ster] girlfriend who loves (and puts up with) him a lot. :^)

  • Jack Schlinkert Multimedia Producer

    Jack Schlinkert

    Multimedia Producer


    Jack is the resident creative multimedia producer for all things social media at BLITZ. Which means he makes things that live on YouTube. He makes it happen with a camera in one hand, a BlackBerry® in the other, and a constant intake of caffeine. He shoots, edits, strategizes and conceptualizes. More importantly, he connects with people who are just as passionate about these things. He avoids marketing buzzwords.

    Jack recently graduated from the University of Southern California and immediately dove into the agency world at the social media shop bigMETHOD.


    Jack hails from the East Coast and spent time in Brooklyn and Connecticut as a kid. After visiting the Santa Monica beach at age 12, he decided he would like to live there. He finds it no coincidence that he now works at BLITZ. While at SC, he took up a rigorous course load that included music, photography, film, and entrepreneurship. He also attended class on occasion. He plays in bands, is an avid yachtsman, loves to cook, and rides his bike on the beach. But staying true to his New England roots, he keeps a set of golf clubs and a tie in the back of his Saab, "just in case."

  • Alex Vejnoska UX Lead

    Alex Vejnoska

    UX Lead


    Alex Vejnoska is a longtime Internet aficionado, entering experience design through graduate studies in library and information science.. In his role as a user experience architect at BLITZ, he practices a blend of digital alchemy and experiential calculus, culminating in rich, rewarding and lasting experiences.  A graduate of USC and UCLA, Alex finds experience design to be fulfilling to practice, stimulating to talk about and impossible to describe to his parents.


    As a native Northern Californian, Angeleno status was thrust upon him after a decade of attending the southland’s sundry educational institutes. In his spare time, Alex enjoys his dogs, playing video games, creating novelty business cards, obsessing over Apple products, yelling at movie characters not to go in there, plotting get-rich-quick schemes, liking his own posts on Facebook and fretting over the San Francisco Giants on the Internet.

  • Gilbert Cordial Art Director

    Gilbert Cordial

    Art Director


    Senior Designer Gilbert has always loved Legos. ®  In fact, it was while spending countless hours playing with these toy bricks that he realized his creativity and imagination would take him places. Rising out of his pile of Legos like a blocky phoenix, Gilbert would go on to eventually obtain his B.A. in Art at California State University Northridge. A graphic designer by trade, Gilbert has spent seven years honing his design skills at agencies like The Cannery and SapientNitro where he worked on Disney, DreamWorks®, the Ad Council, Toyota and Hawaiian Airlines. As a newly sworn in BLITiZen, Gilbert looks forward to complementing an already formidable creative team and assisting them in creating amazing work. He prides himself in being a very detail-oriented and versatile designer.


    When the native Angeleno isn’t pushing pixels, he enjoys spending quality time with family and friends, cheering on his beloved Lakers and Dodgers (both in the comfort of his living room and in the stands). He also enjoys blowing out his eardrums at concerts, strumming guitar chords, chowing down on awesome eats, anxiously awaiting Steve Job's next announcement, going on cinematic adventures, and staring at anything interestingly creative and artistic. Being a tech junkie, he eagerly awaits for the arrival of the Mattel hoverboard, self-lacing Nike shoes, and flying DeLoreans.

  • Jacqui Newmark Sr. UX Architect

    Jacqui Newmark

    Sr. UX Architect


    After graduating with a B.A. from Washington University in St. Louis where she studied psychology, business, and architecture; Jacqui began her professional career in the digital industry. She gained experience in online marketing, social media, content management, and production. In 2010 found she had an affinity for user experience design. Before Blitz, she worked as a full-time and freelance User Experience Architect at Usability Counts, JLR Interactive and Sloan Studio. She has been lucky to design for various platforms including websites, applications, mobile devices, tablets and televisions. At Blitz, she continues to love problem solving through design.


    Jacqui was born and raised in Los Angeles. After a brief stint in St. Louis, she came running back to the warmth and sunshine. Taking full-advantage of the LA climate, she enjoys spending time outdoors playing volleyball, swimming, hiking, going to the beach and working on her freckle tan. When she comes inside, she can be found working out, reading, singing, playing games, attending concerts and watching bad movies.

  • Ivan Todorov Co-Founder & CEO

    Ivan Todorov

    Co-Founder & CEO


    Ivan drives the strategic vision and growth for BLITZ, evangelizing the promise of creating durable relationships between brands and consumers. As CEO he brings a unique blend of business acumen, technology prowess and high-level commitment to client relationships. Every day he works hard to ensure the agency delivers exceptional brand experiences (the work), exceptional client experiences and exceptional employee experiences. As a result, over the last three years BLITZ has grown nearly 300% in size and revenue and was recently named the 15th top agency, 31st best place to work and 50th fastest growing company in Los Angeles. He has studied and speaks five languages, holds a B.A. in computer video imaging and has most recently completed the Berlin School of Creative Leadership Program at Cannes.


    Ivan was raised in the harsh conditions of Eastern Europe, at times without electricity and hot water. He spent his formative years in Tokyo, Japan, and at age fifteen he immigrated to Silicon Valley by himself with a little bit of money to pursue his dreams and become a serial entrepreneur. During the .com bubble he studied computer video imaging and multi-media development, interned at SGI (Silicon Graphics, Inc.) and worked full time at The Motion Factory (later acquired by AVID | SoftImage). And yes, he did this concurrently while starting his first company, eStudio. Today Ivan enjoys his six-year old daughter, traveling the world, creating original electronic music and racing fast cars.

  • Ken Martin Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer

    Ken Martin

    Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer


    From Ken’s first entrepreneurship endeavor —which he sold at age 18 — to the roller coaster of ‘90s Silicon Valley, VCs, IPOs and .coms, Ken has always jumped in head first to overcome seemingly impossible challenges in the most creative, effective and magically unexpected ways. As CCO and Co-Founder of BLITZ, Ken nurtures a world-class team that works everyday to drive the industry forward and deliver creative ideas that help brands sprint past their competition. Ken has worked on major brand initiatives and garnered numerous awards for brands such as Adobe, Activision, Nike, Disney, GE, Google and Warner Bros. For all the dirty details, check his LinkedIn profile page below.


    Born in California’s Central Valley to a family of speedway-racing, mad-inventing, ‘80s computer hackers, Ken grew up building, creating, racing and blowing things up. From eccentric science fair competitions to garage band performances Ken has spent his life creating, questioning and testing the boundaries of what’s possible. With his love of art and computers, digital experiences became the lovechild of everything he gravitated toward. Married to his high school sweetheart (she just didn’t know it back then), he and his wife are busy parents to their four kids, three amazing boys and baby girl.

  • Cathy Saidiner President

    Cathy Saidiner



    Over her 20-plus years in advertising and marketing, Cathy has been a client, an account director, a leader and a trailblazer. Her work history hasn’t been a straight trajectory, but it certainly adds up. She started as an Art Director and opened her own design firm. From there she found her way into the client side of advertising working at Nissan, where she dabbled in everything from vehicle pricing to brand management. Next, Cathy got an MBA at UCLA and parlayed that into her next client-side stint at Mars where she was a member of the brand management team on all cat care products.  Following this was a defining role at TBWA\Chiat\Day as an Account Director on Nissan, Mars, and Pioneer. From there she was welcomed into a new role as President of McCann Erickson in LA. And now, she is pleased to wear the same hat at BLITZ where she will lead client services and oversee brand strategy and delivery.


    When not burning the midnight oil at the office, Cathy spends her time skiing, hiking and taking morning bike rides along the coast. She grew up in Chicago, lived in Austin for most of her 20’s and has been enjoying the Southern California lifestyle since. Scandal alert! Cathy married her client. This raised a few eyebrows, but everybody has to meet somewhere. They’ve been happily married for years now, with a son they adore. Cathy’s last name is pronounced “Side-en-er”. Her maiden name was much easier to pronounce.

  • Dean Shalit CFO/COO

    Dean Shalit



    At BLITZ, Dean provides management leadership, strategic guidance, and business navigation advice for the agency. He represents the third pillar along side of strong creative/user experience and technical practices that provide the stable foundation on which BLITZ has built its success. And while Dean is tasked with keeping BLITZ financially on course, he always makes time to help employees who seek his advice. This father of four boys certainly gets no relief from having to solve complex interpersonal and tribal conflict issues.


    Dean was raised outside of New York City so his clock is set to east coast time and he can weave through LA Traffic like a pro.  Dean’s education and work experience have helped him hone his craft as a WMD of business management who covers all aspects of legal, financial, and operational issues.  He has some great stories to tell, a great feel for business, and an unrivaled sense of humor.

  • Tim Richards EVP, Strategy

    Tim Richards

    EVP, Strategy


    At BLITZ, he leads Experience and Strategy — a group of experienced designers, researchers, analysts and strategists. Their work shapes clients’ brand positioning, communication strategy, experience designs, social planning and content approaches — all based on a mix of consumer insights and the courage needed to take a creative leap. Tim practices a mix of executive jazzercise and conference room kung fu. He’s a mixed media idea artist — whiteboards, sticky pads, sketch books and windows. He believes that good brands can make happy people, and happy people can make a better brand, efficiency in marketing, communicating specifically to populations based on powerful cultural connections and basic human motivations. Tim has been in the business for over 10 years – and has successfully developed experience strategy for brands like Intel, Disney, Naked Juice, HALO, Call of Duty and the NFL.


    Tim was born in Vegas to a jazz guitarist and a dancer choreographer. In fact, he grew up to be a musician himself – picking up a nasty soccer habit, a bit of Mandarin, and an insatiable curiosity for how the universe works along the way. Tim’s a proud father of 3 boys, an electronic producer, a fan of latin jazz...and, thus, a very busy husband. He’s passionate about the movement of information and trends from sub-cultures to popular cultures – and he has found a way to make that part of his job.

  • John Furnari VP, Social and Digital Media

    John Furnari

    VP, Social and Digital Media


    John leads the team responsible for strategic planning and execution across social communication, paid media and analytics. He previously co-founded bigMETHOD, a social media agency that joined BLITZ in 2011. John believes in brand strategy centered on delivering information individuals actually want to receive…and post, share, rehash or remix. It started with a passion project, cold calling his favorite local band Grace Potter & the Nocturnals to propose connecting with bloggers who covered similar artists. Early epiphanies laid the foundation for the approach implemented by BLITZ today. Over the years John has architected programs for Honda, City of Hope, Harley-Davidson, and the Disney Music.


    Raised by math teachers and the brother of a finance genius, it was natural John left college bent of being a club DJ.  Fortunately the Internet got in the way.  His vinyl collection still grows, but more often you’ll find him biking at Venice Beach, developing iterations of family pasta recipes, and figuring out which solid color T-shirt looks best with a Yankees hat.  Known to mumble, travel barefoot through offices, and pontificate about the value of making important decisions based on coin tosses.  He appreciates a lot of things in life, but whether it’s music, food, cinema, liquor, cities, or people, the defining characteristic John measures anything by is #soul.

  • Chris Morabito Group Director, Experience Design

    Chris Morabito

    Group Director, Experience Design


    As the Group Director, Experience Design at BLITZ, Chris leads a UX team passionately dedicated to creating lasting, durable connections between people and brands. He is responsible for all aspects of the UX practice at BLITZ, including account thought leadership, strategic planning and day-to-day operations.

    Chris has worked in the fields of design and user experience for more than a dozen years. His roster of current and past clients is countless and spans nearly every business vertical and media channel. Over the years his work has been recognized with Webby’s, Addy’s, IMA’s, SXSW HiveAwards, and Communication Arts features. His visual work has shown at the REDCAT Theater at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, the Walker Arts Center in Minneapolis, and several smaller galleries throughout Los Angeles.

    In addition to his responsibilities at BLITZ, Chris is an adjunct professor in the graduate Media Design Program at Art Center in Pasadena. He holds a BA in Philosophy from UCLA and an MFA in Graphic Design from CalArts.


    Born into a family of Italian emigres, professional magicians, motorcycle dare devils, and amateur genealogists, Chris is a part-time eccentric and full-time 80’s hair metal enthusiast. A proud L.A. native, he lives in a cottage in the hills above the city.

  • Noah Gedrich Group Director of Technology

    Noah Gedrich

    Group Director of Technology


    Noah Gedrich is responsible for BLITZ’s technical vision and implementation for the agency’s compelling brand experiences across server-side development, advanced user-interfaces, interactive integration, and multiple user touchpoints and devices. Noah’s experience is backed by a number of awards for his technical expertise, including several Clio, One Show, SXSW Awards and an Award of Excellence from the Communication Arts Interactive Annual. Noah is highly regarded as an expert in Microsoft technologies and sought after as a speaker on the state of interactive marketing and the technologies that drive BLITZ’s groundbreaking campaigns.


    Noah was born and raised just outside of New York City, in the town of Irvington, New York. He received his bachelor’s degree from Wesleyan University. Once a classical violinist, Noah has played in many prestigious concert halls, including Carnegie Hall, Alice Tully and the Kennedy Center. He continues playing music with BLITZ’s band Blitizen Kane and the side project he shares with his wife, Couches for Bears. He lives with said wife and their innumerable cats in the wilds North-East Los Angeles. As a well-rounded nerd, he enjoys debating the classics; Star Warsvs. Star Trek,Italian vs. French cooking, bourbon vs. rye and Microsoft vs. just about anybody.

  • Laura Toneman Group Director, Delivery

    Laura Toneman

    Group Director, Delivery


    Laura Toneman has a bachelor’s degree in television production and a master’s in marketing/public relations, and has brought brand goals to life over the air and online for more than 15 years. Currently serving as director of Project Management, she’s been a part of the BLITZ family since 2006, ensuring that the clients’ goals are defined and achieved with the highest level of service. Consistent communication and timely delivery are her acumens, but stand-out products are what really move her. Prior to coming to BLITZ, Laura produced broadcast spots, news segments, programming blocks, viewing guides, newsletters, websites and widgets for Warner Brothers, Channel One Network and PBS/NPR.


    Laura grew up in West Palm Beach, Florida enjoying the year-round sunshine, surf and sand as a high-energy cheerleader and show choir soprano. In constant motion, her college years in Washington D.C. were coupled with travel as often as possible, spending a summer in Southern England and visiting more than seven countries in three years. Drawn, still, to the beach but following her call to the wild world of media production, Laura made L.A. her permanent home over 12 years ago. She enjoys a good restaurant, music, dancing, good people and engaging conversation. Travel and learning still move her. She welcomed her first baby boy in July and now spends her free time with her husband and little one enjoying the Southern California parks, doing yoga, trying new recipes of her own and entertaining friends at home.

  • Andi Amaro Gedrich Sr. Director, Ops & Finance

    Andi Amaro Gedrich

    Sr. Director, Ops & Finance


    Andrea attended Columbia University, in New York, where she double majored in ancient mediterranean history and developmental psychology. Fresh off the Chinatown bus (and after being steadily employed from the age of 13 as a shoe saleswoman, nanny, person who blows bubbles at naked babies as they have their photos taken on white backdrops, afterschool teacher, bartender and senior citizen art class model), she landed a job at BLITZ as the office manager/ receptionist. Five years, five titles, three office locations, two-time tracking systems and one hell of a time later, Andrea is one of the many examples of success and growth at BLITZ where she now serves as an Experience Planner.

    In addition to being an Experience Planner, Andrea is also responsible for managing BLITZ’s city-renowned band, “The BLITiZen Kane Experience,” which swept the ThinkLA AdJam 2010 Battle of the Agency Bands.


    Outside of the office, Andrea spends time cooking, cleaning up after her four (three were unplanned) cats in her beautiful home in Highland Park with her husband Noah, and playing music with one of her many, many bands (Check us out at facebook.com/thefresas ... hey, we’re in advertising here!).

  • Michael Hsu Sr. Director, Information Technology

    Michael Hsu

    Sr. Director, Information Technology


    Michael Hsu is the Senior Director of Information Technology at BLITZ.  As the Senior Director with 7 years’ experience under his belt, his mission is to provide the BLITiZen community and clients with extraordinary service by listening and understand their needs.  Michael is highly proactive, constantly searching for inefficient workflows and figuring out how to make them more streamlined with information technology.

    Having been at BLITZ for 6 years, he has contributed to many internal projects such as decreasing the deployment time of staging sites, migrating to industry-standard business intelligence tools, streamlining resource and time tracking, and building a scalable and agile network infrastructure.  At the end of the day, Michael is constantly striving to exceed expectations and maximize business value delivered by technology.


    Outside of BLITZ, Michael enjoys reading about new technologies, answering questions on automotive and technology forums, spinning up new instances on RackSpace, and tinkering with new gadgets.  He is completely envious of people who are into cryptography, packet decoding, and algo trading.

  • Alan Arner Strategic Advisor

    Alan Arner

    Strategic Advisor


    Alan is a strategic advisor to BLITZ taking on special projects as necessary and working with BLITZ’s senior management to achieve their goals and objectives. Alan was the chief operating officer and president of BLITZ for two years and helped achieve stability at a crucial time in the BLITZ evolution. Alan’s prior experience includes over 35 years’ experience in Operations, Product Development, Sales, Marketing and Customer Support. In his prior life Alan was one of 5 entrepreneurs that founded McDATA Corporation, a data communications company that grew in revenue to over $350 million and was eventually sold to the leading data storage solution provider, EMC. Alan was also responsible for company-wide operations for EA Consulting, a $17M consulting and professional services firm. Before EA, Alan was responsible for all sales and operations in the Western Region for American Management Systems (AMS), a $1.7B consulting and professional services firm. Alan managed in excess of $300M in revenue and 250 employees for AMS. Alan received his B.S. in Mathematics from Fordham University in New York City.


    Alan was born and raised in New York City and has lived in worldwide locations that include London, Paris and various cities in the United States. Alan and his wife Carol  live in Northern California. Alan enjoys mountain and road biking, skiing, golf, tennis and fast cars.

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